The Virtual Ltd
P O Box 4260
Christchurch Mail Centre
(03) 980 6213
(021) 676 301

TheVirtual is an online technology consultancy and development business. We build our sites with Zope and Plone using valid XHTML & CSS. We focus on providing efficient, versatile and effective website solutions to make your website a web-business.

With over 50 years of IT experience, 25 of these in the banking industry, the team at TheVirtual have a wealth of experience to offer clients. Originally concentrating on the consultancy aspect of the business, we discovered there was a need for a company that could offer more complex backend solutions for websites.


During the years, we have been involved in a variety of projects. These have included:

  • Large multi-user database system (large NZ Government client).
  • Microprocessor based weather station - hardware and software development.
  • Image capture for astronomical use - hardware and software development.
  • Backend banking systems - mainframe and database systems in real-time and batch environments.
  • Providing the ETSL Paymark Certified Solution Package for online payments.