Sean Milner

The NZ R Class Squadron's aims are to promote fast, exciting trapeze racing in a development sailboat class.

What is an R Class?

An R Class is a high performance lightweight skiff style two person sailing dinghy. Up to 3.9m (12'9") in length with a maximum working sail area of 13m2 and 20m perimeter (34m2) kite. No minimum weight and few restrictions.

What is a development class?

A class allowing the opportunity to develop fast racing yachts, by realising ideas in design and construction, limited only by the Class specifications.

How long have they been around?

The class went National (NZ) in 1951 and had been sailed for something like 12 years before that.

Aren't they outdated

Due to the simple rules structure designers and builders are able to utilise modern ideas and techniques to keep the R Class at the leading edge of performance sailing


 What's an R Class Skiff?

Extreme performance development dinghy class in the truest sense(see the rules for details).
Length3.9m (max)
Hullno minimum weight (typically 32-35kg painted) Carbon/Foam construction
RigUnrestricted - typically two spreader pre-bent carbon spar
Working SailsArea is restricted 13.4m2 - construction and rig plan are unrestricted - ie. wings, pocket luff, rotating masts are all acceptable
Kite20m circumference resulting in a 30-36m2 surface area
Crew2 (minimum)