Hollyford Track
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Journey into the most beautiful valley in New Zealand

Step into the dramatic Hollyford Valley and you enter a world that has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. It is New Zealand wilderness at its most primal and inspiring.

Geologically spectacular and ever changing, your Hollyford Track experience is one of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, rainforests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, reefs, sand-dunes and surf. The sheer diversity of vegetation and wildlife in this one valley is truly unparalleled.


Your guided walk begins deep in the primeval beech forests below the near vertical walls of the snow-capped Darran Mountains and undulates gently alongside the swift clear waters of the Hollyford River.

Here you will see Fiordland's two highest peaks, Mt Tutoko(2746m) and Mt Madeline (2537m) and the roaring cascade of Hidden Falls which emerges from a hanging valley through a narrow chasm of granite.

As you progress towards Lake McKerrow and onwards to the thundering surf of the Tasman Sea, you will be profoundly moved by the dramatically changing scenery, the abundance of wildlife and the vast variety of forest flowers and foliage.

Significant historical sites of early settlement provide intriguing glimpses into the aspirations of the explorers and settlers of the region, all of whom succumbed to the area's splendid isolation.