Look4 NZ Limited – About Us

Look 4 NZ Ltd is a wholly owned New Zealand Company and owns the look4.net.nz internet directory service.

Look 4 NZ Ltd sells advertising on its internet directory service to companies and businesses, and in return, advertises its website through traditional media outlets.

The look4.net.nz site offers extensive advertising profiles, which can be updated at any time to suit our Customer¿s needs. We also offer a direct link to the advertiser¿s own website or email address - where available, and a helpful location map

The look4.net.nz site has been designed to be simple, user friendly and specific;

It is important that you select from ALL the drop-down boxes for your search to provide a successful result.

When searching for a listing on the look4.net.nz site, you will find New Zealand is divided into regions; each region is divided into locations; and each location is divided into specific categories.

Each category will display the first four companies or businesses in alphabetical order, with the option to move forward or back through that category, without having to renew your search.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any of our listings please send us an email so we can look into the matter on your behalf.