Look4 NZ Limited Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to information we, Look4 NZ Limited, may collect from you when you visit our directory advertising web site, www.look4.net.nz.

We do not use "cookies" on our site.

As with nearly all web site providers, when you connect to our site, we can see your IP address (this is not the same as your email address it is the unique address assigned to your computer each time you connect to the internet). The IP address does not provide us with any information that identifies you. We may collect the IP address, and keep that information for a reasonable time. We will use the information to allow you to use our site, and, in aggregate form, to undertake some statistical analysis.

We may collect and use other information in order to analyse the way we try and provide our service and how we can make it better, such as information about where on the web you came to our site from, the browser and operating system version you are using, and the information that you looked at on our site. Again, none of this information will personally identify you.

If you send an email to an advertiser listed on our site, we will collect your email address. We will not save your email address, store it on our data base, or use it to provide information about other services to you, nor will we provide it to anyone other than the advertiser. However, we may track the email you sent to make sure that it reaches the advertiser.

We do not exercise any control over information the advertisers on our site may collect and use from you. If you deal with any advertiser, whether electronically or otherwise, you should satisfy yourself about what information will be collected from you, and how it will be used.

We can change this policy at any time by posting a new policy on the site. Please make sure you check that regularly to see if there have been any changes. If you have any queries about our privacy policy, send an email to "contact".

[Date of privacy policy 1/10/2003]