Antoine's Restaurant
333 Parnell Rd
(09) 379 8756
(09) 524 0684

When you've been the unsurpassed best for 27 years, people know they can rely on you for an outstanding evening.... the hallmark of Antoine's Restaurant.

It's New York smooth at the top end of trendy Parnell Rise, utterly world class produce created into stunning dishes and served with relaxed silver service panache.

It's Antoine's, home to Tony and Beth Astle since 1973, a restaurant without parallel in terms of extraordinary fine dining and a chef of consummate knowledge who offers an evening of class and elegance to what he considers as "friends visiting my home".


Antoine's was a sensation when it opened in 1973. "We were booked solid 3 months in advance" says Tony, "you just couldn't get a table". The reputation has been well retained, even if the prices have changed (back then it was $5.95 for a main and $2 for a soup).

Food at Antoine's is NZ cuisine with French undertones that is regularly reviewed and evolved with the Astle's annual visits abroad to investigate emerging global dining trends. Antoines also has a remarkable Nostalgia Menu which features dishes such as roast duckling and bread and butter pudding which have stood the test of over 27 years on the menu.