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Just 15 minutes from Christchurch, you'll find a world of fascination and knowledge. Willowbank is your opportunity to experience New Zealand wildlife first hand and the delicate balance of this country's natural history.

Be a part of our unique native wildlife, make friends with our farm animals and see how introduced pests have influenced our bio-diversity.

Your trip to New Zealand will not be complete without seeing Willowbank and nature at its finest.


Willowbank consists of 3 main areas:

  • The New Zealand Experience, where by either day or night, you'll be enchanted by our guided tour and be delighted by the extensive display of native and introduced birds and animals that make up New Zealand's wildlife.
  • The Farmyard, the home of New Zealand's foremost collection of Rare Breeds farm animals, and with a focus on animal interaction, especially enjoyed by those who do not usually have the opportunity to touch and feed farm animals at home.
  • The Exotic Wildlife Area, also a hands-on experience, where you can meet face to face Wallabies, Otters, Llamas, Alpacas, Emus, Donkeys and Deer. This part of our reserve depicts Modern New Zealand and the evolution of our agricultural industry.