Otago Daily Times
52-66 Lower Stuart Street
(03) 477 4760
The Otago Daily Times, the newspaper with the longest history of daily publication in New Zealand, first rolled off the press on November 15, 1861.

It was founded by Julius (later Sir Julius) Vogel,an Englishman of Jewish parentage, who began his journalistic career in Australia in 1856. Otago was in the grip of gold fever when Vogel arrived in 1861 and he saw immediate possibilities for a daily paper to serve a population expanding week on week, as new gold rushes occurred.
Today, the newspaper continues to enjoy a prominent position as one of the country's four major dailies. Throughout the 141 years of its life under 10 editors, it has kept its region and the interests and aspirations of that region's populace as its major focus, although its coverage is broad, including international and national news, and strong business and sporting sections. Quality design, including many photographs and graphics, has been an increasingly important part of its appeal in recent years.