Paradise Valley Springs & Wildlife Park
Paradise Valley Road
(07) 348 9667
(07) 349 3359

Paradise Valley Springs open style park is well known throughout New Zealand for its trout and wildlife. Our wild animals and native birds are close at hand throughout your walk and a natural wetland with walkways across the water allows excellent viewing of New Zealands waterbirds.

  • In our spawning stream, you may hand feed wild Rainbow and Brown Trout. Hundreds more swim in numerous fresh water springs, one of which has an underwater viewer while another holds large wild eels. Trout food is available at our shop.
  • A new large and spacious lion enclosure has been developed which allows the pride of Lions to roam more freely in a much more enhanced environment with Lion feeding an experience not be missed .
  • The pure sweet spring water of Te Waireka is now being bottled at its source in a newly developed bottling plant, a first for Rotorua. The water bottling process can be viewed when the plant is in operation, and the crystal clear product can be purchased from the shop.
  • OPEN DAILY FROM 8.00am - 6.00pm