From the start:

                      Our club was started by a small group of community minded citizens in 1955.

By the end of 1960, the by now formed club, opened the doors of its own building which had a value of 17,000 pounds. Ten years later, a billiard room was added for a new sports section along with indoor bowls, table tennis and darts.

In 1972 the main hall was built, which greatly added to the clubs abilities to put on entertainment for everyone, and on the 16th of January 1984 it was a big day for the club, when ‘the line in the sand’ was trampled over, and the other half of the human race was admitted as full members.

And so on it went with what was our own restaurant built and finished at the end of 1984, and by 1991 land had been purchased, and our lawn bowls section opened with their own clubrooms alongside the main building. Then in September 1992 after a lot of hard work by the members of the day our new premises which you see today, overlooking the main carpark, was opened by Edward Friel, our first President. 

The club has made steady progress over the years and we hope it is keeping up with current trends. The old St Albans Shirley Working Mans Club has been put to bed long ago, and is now called just the St Albans Shirley Club, it has become more of a community club with a strong community focus. 


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