Membership: Categories & Cost

All regular users of the Club or participants in Club Section activities are required to have a club membership.

Ordinary Subscription member over 18 years                                    $20

Gold Card Holder                                                                                  $15

Junior Member over 15 years                                                              $15

All memberships must be submitted on our application form which may be picked up from the club or downloaded here.        (Membership form)

All subscriptions shall be paid in advance to the Club Office, and are due on the 30th June for the following 12 months. There is no application fee upon joining, and you will have your personal membership card within two weeks, this card enables you to have unrestricted access to the club and its amenities.

 The St Albans Shirley Club Inc (SAS Club) is part of the clubs network, and so, gives club members reciprocal visiting rights to over 300 clubs throughout New Zealand and Australia.


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