Sports Section

We have within our club, eleven separate sections which may be of interest to you, and we know that one of the best ways to meet others within the club movement, is by joining one or more of these groups. The people listed below will be only too happy to talk with you if you give them a ring.

Becoming a member of one of these will give you the opportunity to engage in competitions within the club and with other affiliated clubs.

Section Name Phone Day Time  Place
Cards - Euchre & Crib Bev Murphy 385 4996 Tuesday 7.15pm Club bar
Promotions Club 358 1632      
Indoor Bowls Peter Felton 942 8865   021 056 3430 Wednesday 7.15 pm Matheson Hall
Lawn Bowls Kevin White 355 2019 Saturday    
Table Tennis Ian Nouwens 980 2259 Tuesday 7.30 pm Matheson Hall
  Shirley Prescott 385 3063      
Old Timers Bill Hooper 385 3337 Interesting Bus Trips    
Pool Howard Osborne 385 1393 or 021 190 2121 Wednesday Division 3  
  Robert Mazzola 0274 318083 Tuesday Division 1  
Ladies Social Club Nicky Ellis 027 268 2127      

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